Working closely with architects, designers and building professionals, we offer unrivalled assistance at every step of the way, from concept to completion.

Our support has always gone far beyond any contractual obligations. Now, our commitment to supply and support excellence includes a three-fold promise that every balcony we produce will be Rigid, Ready and Right.

Why make a promise?

Our promise of achieving what clients care about is a high standard. It sets clear goal posts we can measure our performance against and provides a catalyst for self-improvement, driving us to do everything necessary for delivering it. Our goodwill guarantee provides a self-imposed extra consequence. This synergy creates the dedication needed to turn our promise into reality.

What if the promise isn’t kept?

If you are concerned our promise hasn’t been delivered, the first thing is to report it. By reporting it, we will investigate it according to which part of the promise applies, and once resolved will implement our goodwill guarantee.

Our goodwill guarantee:

We know the most important action, if a problem has occurred, is to resolve the issue. Once rectified, our goodwill guarantee, a refund of £100 per balcony affected (up to £300 per balcony), is given to you as an apology for not delivering our high standards of Rigid.Ready.Right. first time.

We promise that every balcony using Sapphire anchors will be Rigid, and can be scientifically proven to deflect less than half the amount British Standards allow.

What does Rigid. mean?

British Standards require cantilever structures to deflect no more than L/180. We guarantee that every balcony fixed using Sapphire Anchors, will achieve our Gold Standard (L/360), which means 50% less deflection than the limits in BS EN 1993-1-1:2005.

What backs up this promise?

If you perceive and report that your balcony isn’t Rigid enough, we will ensure a visit is made to site within 7 working days to conduct our rigidity test (a point load of 2kN applied in the outer most corner of the balcony). We will follow up with sending you a technical report to scientifically prove its rigidity.

We promise that every balcony will be fully Ready for delivery before the agreed date.

What does Ready. mean?

Based on the contract dates which are agreed at point of order, we will schedule in every balcony to be manufactured in advance of the delivery dates, to ensure that your balcony is Ready before the agreed date. They are usually made several weeks in advance and stored in one of our safe storage areas.

What backs up this promise?

Once a balcony is transferred from the production line into storage, we will send you confirmation, which will include photos of the balcony, giving you peace of mind that it is Ready for delivery to your site.

Download our Brand Promise Brochure

Understand our Brand Promise in more detail and see it’s application and results on a number of projects.