Anchor Setting Out Details

The following is a guide to aid operatives to compile their RAMS when setting out Sapphire Balconies cast in brackets.
0. Bracket weights should be obtained and correct handling method identified so they can be loaded out to the exact location.
1. Determine and mark the proposed slab line on the casting deck in relation to grid line. (in red)
2. Determine and mark the bracket centreline on casting deck at right angles to slab edge and in relation to grid line (as detailed GA setting out plan). (in yellow)
3. Mark centreline of other brackets in same area relative to first bracket as shown on GA setting out plan and check back to grid line to avoid cumulative errors. (in yellow)
4. Install lower reinforcing mat.
5. Set out brackets on casting deck with outer face of edge shutter in line with slab edge line and line up centrelines with centre witness mark in shutters.
6. Connect setting out template to face of stubs and hand tighten and line centreline witness marks in template with markings on casting deck.
7. Nail bracket edge shutter and casting template to deck.
8. Construct slab shuttering and nail to face of bracket edge shutter.
9. Install upper reinforcing mat with parallel T1(or 2) bar deflecting behind the M30 studs.Assemble “U” bars at 200 centres around brackets.
10.Wire tie the top M30 studs of bracket to upper reinforcing mat near the slab edge and at rear of each stud.
11.Pour concrete in line with manufacturers / engineers recommendations for strength and curing times.
12.Remove setting out template and store for use in next location.
13.When casting deck is removed, carry out post pour checks for height and positioning relative to datum and grid lines and confirm all within +/-5mm or report discrepancies from allowed tolerances.

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