Traditional Balcony Methods

Trying to work out whether the traditional balcony methods used are best stuck with or if there is a myriad of benefits you can get from embracing newer methods?

It can be a challenge working out which solution to go with as it isn’t easy to get a quick and simple comparison.

In the video below, we have tried to show a generic scheme done with traditional balcony methods compared to an install of Glide-On balconies to give you an overview of methods, speeds, costs, etc. The below links for each method takes you to more detailed comparisons between Concrete and Glide-On and between Metal Bolt-on vs Metal Glide-On Methods.

We have other tools available to help assist with analysing your specific scenarios on your products and help weigh up your options. Reach out to our team if you need assistance from us.

What are the traditional balcony methods?

Design Your Balcony

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