When working with our innovative Glide-On Cassette balconies which are able to be installed far more efficiently than the industry standard, smooth balcony transport & logistics is absolutely essential.

Our Glide-On system has set the record at 62 Glide-On Cassette balconies installed in just a single day (compared to the industry standard of 4-6 in a day). This accomplishment means the logistical constraint then becomes how fast they can be delivered to the site.

To avoid supply of balconies becoming an issue we manufacture all balconies offsite. These are made ahead of time, moving into vast storage facilities so that not everything is dependent on being made just in time. This fulfils our brand promise as all balconies will be Ready for install before the agreed date.

We believe that it is essential to get goods to site in a pristine condition safely and ready to be efficiently offloaded with minimum risk of damage or safety issues. That’s why we have invested in a number of our own trailers specially adapted so that they can allow double stacking and so that guardrails are pre-fitted ready for safe offload. We also attach certified slings at the point of dispatch so that the site can quickly offload them without having to climb onto each of the balconies.

Once fully assembled and correct, we move our balconies from our production facilities into third partly logistics hubs where they are stored until they need to be transported to site. Prior to dispatch, each project is given a custom lorry plan to transport as many balconies as possible safely and efficiently to minimise emissions, carbon footprint and balcony transport costs.

For some projects, small quantities of balconies may be required ahead or behind the main bulk, so on these occasions smaller or Hiab lorries may be used. For example, marketing suites may have a single balcony delivered on a Hiab which can also install it directly from the lorry trailer bed.

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