Five Key Considerations for Balcony Design

You know how vital balcony design is today if you’re an architect! According to data revealed by, 20.6% of the participants of their study said that balconies played a significant role in the decision-making process while renting or buying their apartment, and they would only choose an apartment with a balcony. Furthermore, 32.7% of the participants said it was an essential factor in their decision-making process, and 22.7% said it played a small part in their decision-making process. All this data shows that balconies are an irreplaceable part of urban living.

But there are various things that you need to consider while designing the perfect balcony. In this post, we will break down the five critical considerations for balcony design and reveal a hack for creating stylish balconies that are compliant and budget-friendly.


Design is one of the most important aspects when creating the perfect balcony. There are various essential decisions to be made, from the shape and balustrade style to the colours and the decking. It isn’t just about selecting the right ones; it is also essential to ensure that all options look good together.

We recommend that you start by determining the size and shape of the balcony. You can go for a classic square or rectangular or even choose to experiment with other unique balcony shapes like a trapezium.

Once you’ve decided on the shape, you need to consider the kind of balustrade you would like. You can choose from various types of Structural Glass, Vertical bars or Modular Panel designs.

Next, you should decide on the colour of the balustrade, followed by the right decking solution.


How would you like the balcony to be fixed onto the building? Do you want it to be cast into slab or post fixed into slab? This is an essential aspect to consider while designing your balcony. Depending on the style of installation you choose, you will need to make considerations in the façade accordingly.

Complex installation processes can waste time and resources onsite and increase the chance of errors.


While specifying the balcony, you need to consider if the products you use comply with the latest building and fire safety regulations. According to the latest regulations, the external wall systems, including the balcony and terrace, need to be made using non-combustible materials rated Class A1.


Another essential aspect of your balcony design is the privacy outdoors. Various elements can help you increase privacy for the residents. Certain modular panel balustrades can offer great privacy while adding a stylish touch.


The cost of the balcony is one of the most important things to keep in mind while designing the space. Always make sure the balcony is designed on budget and keep track of the various costs of the different specifications.

Designing Bespoke Glass Balustrade Balconies for Residents

In order to help you design the right balcony for your project, there are various tools available in the market that can help you get a realistic view of your design and make sure that all the elements look good together. One such unique online tool is COACH, created by Sapphire Balconies.

COACH was created with the insights and experience from working with architects and builders for over 25 years. This free online tool lets you design and specifies bespoke balconies using predesigned options from a vast in-house design library or scratch. The tool also offers intuitive guidance through the process of designing and specifying balconies and generates a downloadable 3D model with all essential outputs required. The designs downloaded from COACH are BIM/CAD compatible drawings and give you details on NBS specifications, drainage considerations, fire safety information, structural detailing and a detailed project design report.

Create unique and cost-effective balcony spaces using COACH

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