Sorry we fooled you...

We’re sorry if we fooled you… It was another one of our fun fantasy ideas for that light-hearted day of the year. As always there are truthful parts to it and you can see them here:

We included a few clever clues throughout the video which are revealed above.  Those of you with 2020 vision may have spotted that the beautiful Palace balcony wasn’t the real 18th Century palace! It was another of the many stunning listed buildings we have throughout the UK. And I’m sure many of you spotted the gag with GAGS!

The Latin scholars amongst us may have spotted that our fictitious designer’s surname, Asinus, is Latin for Fool making her name, April Fool.

Whilst the GAGS app shots were of our real CABS Basic software, where you can actually choose the screen you want for your balcony, although you can’t upload your own images or patterns, yet!

Our CABS Basic configurator allows you to customise a realistic CGI balcony scene to include your choice of balustrade, decking and soffits. In a few clicks design the look and feel of your balcony then, download the PDF and JPEG files to use on your next project.

CABS Expert on the other hand gives you complete control over your balcony design giving you the tools to quickly and efficiently design your balcony and export all the detail in BIM and CAD files. Customise the all the details from dimensions and cassette shape to connections to aesthetics like colour and balustrade choice. CABS Expert is the easiest way to design your balcony exactly the way you want it.

Although this was light humoured video designed to bring a smile to your face, rest assured we at Sapphire are working every day to bring real innovation to the world of balconies. Check back for future developments of CABS which brings the next generation of balcony design to you.

Take CABS Basic for a spin below or click here to try CABS Expert.