Careers at Sapphire

Sapphire was established in 1992 and we’ve had a rich history and performance since then. Our commitment to doing things differently, coupled with our strong values continue to support our mantra of ‘Innovation To Prosper The Community’.

Many of our team have been with us for many years, a testament to the strong relationships and shared vision that brings us together. And that’s through some really fundamental changes in our business model.

Careers at Sapphire are not just another mainstream corporate role. Yes, we are run professionally but we still hold true to our family business roots and that clearly shows in the way we support, developed and reward our employees.

We start with an in-depth recruitment process because it is fundamental for us to understand who we are employing and that applicants are a fit with the role, with our culture and that they can truly thrive.

Below are some of the Sapphire careers we are currently recruiting for.

  • Business Development Manager – View and apply here
  • Commercial Assistant – View and Apply here
  • Site Coordination Supervisor – view and apply here
  • Contract Design Manager – view and apply here

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A few of the things which we have done differently

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