Ash House, Staines

Client:   ISG PLC

Contractor:   Comprehensive Design Architects

Location:   Staines

Balconies:   34 Cassettes® and 7 Juliet Balconies

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Ash House was a regeneration project located in Staines-Upon-Thames, which saw an old office block converted into 41 residential apartments. Unlike a new build, it was not possible for brackets to be cast in because the slab and façade had already been completed. This project also included a very narrow balcony projection and anodised fascias and soffits.


Working with CDA Group, we used post-fixed brackets through the existing slab and specialist lifting equipment to ensure the safe handling and install of balconies. For the fascias and soffits, a special aluminium grade was used, giving more consistency for anodising.

Installation process

Step 1: Post-fixed brackets were fixed through the existing slab. These were the back filled with grout to ensure voids didn’t affect the structural performance.

Step 2: The balconies were manufactured at our production facility in Winchester, where they were stored until required at the Ash House site.

Step 3: As the balconies were relatively narrow, they were transported to site sitting in pairs side by side to minimise transport movements.

Step 4: Using specialist lifting equipment ensured safe handling of the final installation. A tree close to the building meant that the lifting operations were very tricky, so very long chains had to be used from the counterbalance.

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