Brickfield Square, Dublin

Client:   Brian M Durkan & Co. Ltd.

Contractor:   Brian M Durkan & Co. Ltd.

Architect:   John Fleming Architects

Location:   Dublin 12, Ireland

Balconies:   271

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“The design process has been very easy and the quality of details, drawings and engagement from Mark has been a joy for us to work with. Ten out of ten.”

Brian Dempsey, Senior Project Manager, Brian M Durkan & Co. Ltd.


Located in the south of Dublin, Brickfield Square is a new development in Crumlin, bordered by the Grand Canal to the north and east. The development is comprised of 282 apartments over four blocks, providing residents with numerous amenities, green space on their doorstep and a Sapphire balcony to step out onto.

Streamlined by Experience, Delivered by Sapphire

Traditional concrete balconies have drained via a rear pipe, risk ingress and require frequent maintenance. Brian M Durkan & Co Ltd aspired to prevent these issues from arising for their residents for the design life of the building.

Water ingress has long been a point of conversation when it comes to balconies. Incorrectly drained rainwater can lead to damage to the building façade, foundations, and the balcony itself. Contemporarily, balconies have used either a controlled edge draining system or a rear water pipe draining system (RWP) to alleviate any concerns arising from drainage.

Sapphire’s balconies have, as standard, included a streamlined drainage solution, whereby the water collecting on the balcony could drain through the small gaps between the decking boards, flow forward and drain at the front edge thanks to the controlled edge draining soffit system. Sapphire’s experience in balcony drainage meant that a pre-existing knowledge of drainage principles could be applied to each balcony type for the best outcome for each elevation.

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