Fosters Care Home

Client:   RJ Leighfield

Contractor:   RJ Leighfield

Architect:   Living-Architects

Location:   Reading, Berkshire

Balconies:   9 Cassettes®

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The main challenge faced at Fosters Care Home was that the concrete slab was precast as it was a ‘traditional build’, meaning an alternative had to be used instead of cast-in anchors.

Another challenge was due to the project being a care home for elderly residents the balconies needed to be designed and installed in a way that suited the residents’ specific needs.


Post-fixed brackets were chosen at Fosters Care Home to allow our innovative 1-piece arms to be attached to the building. This meant our Glide-On™ Cassette® could be quickly and easily installed and keep deflection to a minimum.

To ensure residents had enough space to move easily, the balconies were designed with large projections. This meant that wheelchair users could turn 360° and make proper use of their balconies as required by lifetime homes criteria.

The doorsill interface also had to be taken into consideration ensuring balconies were installed flush and that the decking was level with the internal flooring. This made the balconies more accessible for residents with limited mobility.

Installation Process

Step 1: Post-fixed brackets were fixed through the existing slab. These were then backfilled with grout to ensure voids didn’t affect the structural performance.

Step 2: Cassette® balconies were preassembled offsite, including the balustrades, decking & soffits.

Step 3: Cassette® balconies were transported with balconies ‘nested’ onto each pallet making transport both cost-effective & safe. Balconies were pre-slung offsite ready for installation upon arrival.

Step 4: Once lifted into position, the Cassettes® simply Glide-On™ to the pre-erected support arms, before completing the mechanical fixings.

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