Gascoigne East Phase 3 (Block J)

Client:   Willmott Dixon Construction

Contractor:   Willmott Dixon Construction

Architect:   Pitman Tozer Architects Limited

Location:   Barking, Essex

Balconies:   108

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I’ve just seen the balconies for the first time and they look really great. I’m particularly pleased with the detailing around the solid panel – thank you for helping us with the design of that.

– Project Manager, Willmott Dixon


Gascoigne East Phase 3a stands as an emblematic development within the broader regeneration of the Gascoigne neighbourhood, blending modern living with distinctive design elements. Spearheaded by Pitman Tozer Architects and constructed by Willmott Dixon, this project aimed to infuse the residential area with a unique mosaic-like aesthetic identity. Central to achieving this vision was the creation of balconies that would not only endure aesthetically and physically over time but also encapsulate the development’s creative design intent cost-effectively. The architectural ambition was to incorporate a mosaic-like pattern into the balconies, ensuring they would contribute significantly to the identity of the building façade. 

How Sapphire Made It Simple:

From the outset, Sapphire Balconies was deeply involved with the architects, starting with their vision to capture a unique creative identity through the design of the balconies. Sapphire recommended a process that used metal components mechanically fixed for safety, steering clear of less durable materials like adhesives or grout. This collaboration led to the innovation of the ‘Identité’ range of balcony balustrades, leveraging a sublimation process on aluminium sheets, embossed and coated to create the desired mosaic effect. This not only aligned with the architects’ vision but also introduced a cost-effective and safe approach to achieving the unique aesthetic. The ‘Identité’ range, a result of extensive R&D and testing by Sapphire, enabled architects to manifest their unique design intents with maximum safety. Helen from Pitman Tozer, upon witnessing the balconies post-installation, remarked on their impressive appearance and the successful realisation of the detailing around the solid panel, a testament to the effective collaboration and innovative solutions provided by Sapphire. This project highlights Sapphire’s ability to navigate complex design challenges and simplify the balcony installation process, ensuring the architectural vision for Gascoigne East Phase 3a was brought to fruition with creativity, safety, and efficiency at the forefront.

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