Malgavita, Merrick Road

Client:   Redrow Homes (West London) Limited

Contractor:   Redrow Homes (West London) Limited

Architect:   Boon Brown Architects

Location:   Southall, Middlesex

Balconies:   92

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“Sapphire’s level of design is great. It’s so reassuring to know that everything has been thought of before the product arrives on site.”

Gary Wales, McKean


Southall’s local factories and proximity to Heathrow Airport meant that in the 1950s, the once-small town experienced a boom in popularity. This brand new development is situated just a stone’s throw from the pristine Southall station of the Elizabeth Line, Malgavita (currently known as The West Works) is a collection of 2-bedroom apartments, fitted with Sapphire’s cantilever Glide-On Cassette® balconies.


Maglavita, Merrick Road, as a project, moved slower than expected so balconies were sent as needed. The project was being developed just as the MyDek Non-Combustible board came out, meaning that balconies that had been specified with Class C decking needed to be changed over to Class A MyDek on-site post-installation, as well as changing the balconies already in production.


Working closely with MyDek, the client and the installer was paramount to getting Malgavita finished on time and to the new specifications set out by the installer. Changing the decking over to the new Class A Non-Combustible range whilst facilitating Client install dates was a key solution for this project. Changing the decking over the last minute meant that Sapphire could ensure a level of proactiveness to ensure safety on the project for not just the client but for the end user too.

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