Napier & New Plymouth House, Havering

Client:   Wates (Residential London)

Contractor:   JTP (John Thompson & Partners Limited), Wates (Residential London)

Architect:   Hawkins Brown Limited, JTP (John Thompson & Partners Limited), Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects (PTEA)

Location:   Romford, Essex

Balconies:   158

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“It’s a pleasure working with companies like Sapphire because it makes my team’s life that much easier. You’ve helped us the whole way through and very closely with us. We got exactly what we needed”

Keith Ward, Wates Group


Best known as a suburban space with large areas of open, protected space, Havering has been London’s ‘garden suburb’ for many decades.

The Napier & New Plymouth regeneration development, now known as New Green, in Havering, were the first sites developed as part of the “12 Sites” project. Consisting of nearly 200 new, modern, high-quality homes, the Napier & New Plymouth development gives new life to this part of Havering.

How Sapphire Made It Simple

Though some complex façade details were present on the project at Napier & New Plymouth House, Sapphire was engaged at an early stage to bring a streamlined approach to the balcony design.

Considering the white stone banding present on the façade, Sapphire ensured that the balcony fascias were designed to match seamlessly with the rest of the project. Aesthetically, this allows for the balconies to present a stone-like finish but still retain all the benefits of an aluminium solution, such as controlled-draining aluminium soffits and cast-in anchors incorporating thermal breaks.

Keith Ward, Wates Group, mentioned that in the past, the use of concrete balconies had made façade design tricky, but he mentioned that innovations in balcony design, such as those developed by Sapphire such as the Glide-On® Cassettes or the new Clip-On® connection, have significantly streamlined the external envelope process.

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