New Writtle Street, Chelmsford

Client:   Essex County Cricket Club/Midland & City Developments Limited

Contractor:   Kier Construction

Location:   Chelmsford, Essex

Balconies:   48 Cassettes® and roof terrace balustrades

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New Writtle Street was the first phase of residential development at Essex County Cricket Club. The customer required small balconies and roof terrace balustrades that were also cost-effective. They didn’t want to use the brand of cast-in brackets originally specified due to the higher cost, the deflection it allowed, and lack of design flexibility. Furthermore, the building’s façade was installed using mast climbers which required a different approach to the balcony bracket design and installation sequence.


We developed a bespoke, more rigid anchor as an alternative to the other cast-in brackets that the customer felt were unsuitable. We used a number of methods to achieve the cost-effectiveness required by the customer. These included a printed trim fascia, and a closed Cassette® was used for a small depth of balcony, which also enabled fewer materials and assembly costs.

To overcome any issues brought about by the mast climbers, two-piece arms were chosen allowing the stubs to be connected first. Then, as the mast climbers were finished higher up, the arms were connected, removing the risk of any potential conflicts between balcony connections and mast climbers. The benefits of Glide-On™ Cassette®balconies were demonstrated with a record number produced in a single day, followed by the installation of 36 balconies in just 10 hours.

Installation process

Step 1: A bespoke version of our cast-in anchors was used after in-house testing. Stub brackets were used from the thermal break within the cavity, to the outside of the finished façade.

Step 2: Lean management of the off-site production at our Reading factory, enabled a record number of balcony Cassettes® to be assembled in a single day.

Step 3: With the factory finished Cassette® balconies stored in Reading, When required, we produced a very efficient lorry loading plan to enable just three lorries to transport the 48 balconies reducing carbon footprint and saving money.

Step 4: After the final section of the Glide-On™ connection was installed after the mast climbers completed the higher level façades.

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