Ocean Estate

Client:   Higgins Construction

Contractor:   McKean Developments

Architect:   Levitt Bernstein

Location:   Stephney Green, London

Balconies:   68

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Ocean Estate site H was part of an award-winning £50 million regeneration scheme in Stepney Green. Ocean Estate was once one of the country’s most deprived neighbourhoods and the scheme aimed to rejuvenate the area into a safe pleasant place to live.

Balconies on this project were unique with the use of aluminium panel not only to the sides of the balcony but in the front too. This provides additional privacy and security to residents while maintaining the added light and views offered by the laminate glass panels.


The project had high standards and required unique details to deliver homes that were just right down to the finest details.

The client requires a bespoke wide handrail and a very specific high gloss level to the powder coating on the aluminium panel balustrades and soffits. The use of front and side aluminium panel balustrades brought a unique look to the project, aimed at giving further resident privacy.

The project also featured winter gardens which needed to match seamlessly with the balconies.


We designed the wide handrail to the client’s exact specification.

Glide-On™ balcony Cassettes® arrived on site prefinished with high gloss aluminium panel balustrades and soffits safely nested to protect them during transit.

To ensure uniformity across the project the high gloss powder coating on the aluminium soffits and balustrade panels was matched to the colour of the winter gardens. This coordination between the supplier of the winter gardens and Sapphire gave a seamless finish to the building with the benefits of the Glide-On™ system.

Installation Process

Step 1: Cast in anchors were cast into the slab & incorporated thermal break connections offering superior rigidity to the balconies.

Step 2: Cassette® balconies were preassembled offsite, including the balustrades, decking & soffits.

Step 3: Cassette® balconies were transported with balconies ‘nested’ onto each pallet making transport both cost-effective & safe. Balconies were pre-slung offsite ready for installation upon arrival.

Step 4: Once lifted into position, the Cassettes® simply Glide-On™ to the pre-erected support arms, before completing the simple mechanical fixings

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