Queenshurst, Kingston upon Thames

Client:   Berkeley Group

Contractor:   Berkeley Group

Architect:   Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher

Location:   Kingston upon-Thames

Balconies:   225 Cassette® Balconies

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Queenshurst, at the old Kingston Gas Works site, had a unique stone effect band that wrapped around the building. This band needed to look like actual stone to complement the facade and total building envelope. This project included a range of projecting and inset balconies, as well as some corner balconies. The majority of the balconies had frameless glass balustrades, all except one elevation which included gold coloured solid side panels.


As a solution to the unique stone effect band, we developed a purpose mixed powder coating for the fascia’s and soffits, to enable them to blend seamlessly with the façade detail. This bespoke solution to achieve the required effect is an example of our bespoke yet simple innovation to overcome client needs whilst meeting the client’s requirements. Glide-On™ balconies are manufactured offsite meaning bespoke sizing adjustments can be manufactured accurately in a quality-controlled factory. The corner balconies at Queenshurst were not the typical 90° angle and the bespoke angle requirements were successfully designed and manufactured to ensure install could be completed quickly and accurately.

Installation process

Step 1: Balcony bespoke design and GRC effect power-coating created meeting client expectations for the stone effect band on the façade.

Step 2: Our anchors incorporating thermal breaks are cast-in to the slab and 1-piece steel arms connected to the anchor.

Step 3: Balconies are manufactured at our Thetford production facility and then assembled and stored at our Winchester facility.

Step 4: Using our innovative Counter Balance Lifter (CBL) balconies were installed rapidly, with installers safely inside the apartments, and without the need to install soffits afterwards.

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