Rome House, Ealing

Client:   Telereal Trillium Head Office

Contractor:   Ardmore Construction Limited, Bennett Construction Limited, Telereal Trillium Head Office

Architect:   Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher (CJCT)

Location:   West Ealing, London

Balconies:   112 balconies, 14 types

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Situated in West London and originally part of the historic county Middlesex, Ealing is one of England’s oldest towns, with evidence of its existence back to as far as the Lower Palaeolithic Age. Having been integrated into Greater London in the early 1800s, it quickly became a modern Victorian suburb, home to famous constructions Perceval House, Cavalier House and the remarkable Ealing Broadway.

Rome House is the newest addition to Ealing’s extensive residential market, featuring 112 of Sapphire’s cantilever Glide-On balconies with vertical bar balustrades.


Every project faces its own particular challenges that need resolving and Rome House was no different. The complex façade details meant that fixing the balconies required extra thought before designing a connection detail. The need for the balustrading to return to various types of façades (such as brick, rain screens and window mullions) meant that various connection detail would be required. Furthermore, deep door reveals were requested requiring the decking to run back further to the façade.


To solve these challenges, several solutions were put into place. To solve the challenge of various balustrade returns, local extensions of the balcony balustrade were set up in the specific areas they were required. Secondly, to support the need for deep door reveals, Sapphire designed a new decking extension bracket. This allowed us to add deeper door reveals to the balcony to support the design required by CJCT.

Solving these challenges at an early stage means that not only were our balconies delivered rigid, ready, and right, but the developer could have their design specification met without needing to compromise on size, safety or door reveal detailing.

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