The Crossings, Adamstown

Client:   Quintain Ireland

Contractor:   Walls Construction, Elliott Group (Ireland), Townmore Construction

Architect:   Henry J Lyons & Partners

Location:   Dublin, Ireland

Balconies:   345

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 “It’s been grand! All good, with the project on schedule.”

Richard Sweeney, Project Manager, Elliott Group


Located just east of Dublin’s city centre, Adamstown is a suburban development aiming to be the first new town in Ireland since Shannon Town in the 1960s. The development currently consists of residential housing projects and links to the city centre. One of the newest developments is The Crossings, a sprawling development by Quintain, featuring over 300 balconies manufactured and supplied by Sapphire Balconies.

Streamlined by Experience, Delivered by Sapphire:

Quintain aspired for The Crossings, Adamstown, to be something of a blueprint for the larger development taking place in the area. This meant working with different types of façade, developing different design aesthetics for the balconies, and various connection methods, such as hollow core slabs in this case.

Connecting to hollow core slabs was crucial for this project, and Sapphire’s experience with different types of connection meant we were able to choose different types of pre-approved products for our balcony connections but also were able to rationalise the design of the balconies where possible to reduce the overall cost.

This approach allowed for flexibility in the design, meaning different colours and effects on different elevations of the project, all whilst avoiding extra cost due to the overall design rationalisation.

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