Welcome to the Beta version of our Photo Realistic CABS configurator which allows you to not only see simple photo realistic versions of your design but also allows you to configure the parameters you want with exact sizes and shapes and then output these BIM Details, photo like images, NBS Spec’s, and a full summary document of your balcony explaining fire proofing, privacy, rigidity and much more. Try it out now and make your balcony process both more informed and much quicker.

The Quickest Way To Bespoke Balcony Details

CABS Basic is our simple configurator enabling rapid customisation of basic details with a simplistic range of realistic outputs...

CABS Basic

CABS Basic – Technical Downloads

In addition to the above standard CABS Expert which gives you your custom designs, you can download preset details here...

NBS – Balcony Specification

Download Generic Details

Download standard detailing for our balconies as DWG, BIM/CAD Compatible Drawings, PNG & JPEG and more!...

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