Advantages of Modern Methods of Construction

A housing shortage, together with inefficiencies in cost and quality across the construction sector, are driving the shift towards Modern Methods of Construction. The government too now includes MMC as part of their overall housing strategy to support its ambitious goal to add a million homes. Advantages of Modern Methods of Construction include the potential to speed up delivery, increase productivity and modernise the construction sector.

In order to realise all of the benefits of MMC, a holistic approach  is required to consider value rather than cost, which requires a change in behaviours and more collaboration throughout the construction sector. One of the key enablers of MMC, possible the most important one, is Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA).  Until DfMA becomes mainstream, the full potential of MMC will not be realised. To facilitate this, in collaboration with others, the Supply Chain School is developing training material to provide clients, designers, cost consultants and project managers with more knowledge and a better understanding of the wider benefits. Ken Davie, BArch (Hons), RIBA, ARB Associate, Supply Chain School

Here are some advantages that Modern Methods of Construction provide

We asked Steve Weir, the Construction Director at Rowlinson Construction, on Advantages of Modern Methods of Construction.

“As a contractor/developer, we employ the use of MMC for the following reasons.

  • High levels of quality achieved through factory-controlled assembly 
  • Better levels of efficiency achievable resulting in the reduction of build time and delivery of the completed project
  • The adoption of sustainable techniques and materials help to reduce the project’s contribution to the production of C02

Quality and Compliance

Off-site production in a factory allows for higher quality control and efficient use of labour and materials. Off-site fabrication and on-site installation, as a result, boost overall productivity. As the manufacturing conditions are factory controlled, MMC offers a precise standard of quality. Consequently providing a more accessible route of compliance to building standards.  

A Sustainable Option

Modern Methods of Construction provide the opportunity to be more sustainable as homes are precision-engineered and manufactured in a factory-controlled environment. Houses are built using sustainable materials. This type of construction also helps reduce waste. MMC is about better products and processes which aim to increase efficiency, quality, resident satisfaction, environmental performance and sustainability.

Labour Force Efficiencies 

According to the National Audit Office, on-site construction time can be halved by employing MMC. As part of the construction is carried out in a factory, it is estimated that on-site labour can build four times as many homes through MMC over traditional home construction methods.

Cost Saving

Faster construction through MMC offers cost savings as the building can be occupied quicker, generating income streams earlier. Additionally, snagging costs are reduced through stringent quality control in factories. On-site inspection requirements are also lowered as the majority of the work is carried out off-site. 

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