Slow Uptake of MMC Threatens Government Housing Targets

The Government’s Housing Committee warns that the housing target of 300,000 homes per year by the mid-2020s is at risk due to the slow uptake of MMC. The committee recommends a push to promote modern methods of construction in a bid to meet the demands of the housing crisis and speeding up the UK construction industry’s output of residential buildings.

The first step, according to the Housing Committee, is to raise confidence among lenders, insurers, and homebuyers by demonstrating the durability and reliability of MMC homes, collecting fresh data and establishing a single set of standards.

The Government will also need to act quickly to ensure the industry can meet these demands by offering easy access to finance for smaller builders, training for the workforce and a central digital database of records.

If the Government is to have any chance of meeting it’s target… it cannot simply rely on traditional methods of construction

Clive Betts – Committee Chair

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