What’s included in the fire whitepaper?

  • The new BS 8579 regulation includes specific fire safety guidance for balcony design.
  • The Government has published regulations banning the use of combustible materials in external walls of high rise buildings, and confirmed this now includes balconies.
  • This document identifies a solution for of Class A decking, where this is required.
  • This document demonstrates the positive effects of providing a soffit where decking of limited combustibility is permitted following risk assessment.
Cavity barriers
  • This report explores the effectiveness of several details currently used in construction.
  • It demonstrates details which can be expected to satisfy the requirements regarding integrity and insulation of up to 120 minutes.
Use of laminated toughened glass
  • This report summarises the recent documentation and current position.

This document seeks to collate the available information relating to balconies in such locations and to address the specific relevant requirements. This report has been compiled using the experience of market leaders Sapphire Balconies Ltd, in conjunction with industry experts and fire authorities.

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