Balcony Passport app launch means only quality balconies can travel

Balcony Passport app launch means only quality balconies can travel

Our increased balcony quality control means only quality balconies get Passports! Sapphire’s newly introduced Balcony Passport app is providing key benefits to customers, because without the sapphire balcony passport app being signed off at each stage, a balcony is not authorised to move on to the next or to be dispatched.

With this app, every stage of QC checks are captured, from multiple stages of assembly, to final quality acceptance, delivery, installation and handover. The install side of Passport is available to our Sapphire Accredited installers, and provides unprecedented visibility into the manufacture and installation process of each balcony.

Passport provides a complete traceable history on each balcony, and the design of it is such that the next checklist cannot be completed until the prior one has been completed. This gives assurance that every balcony has gone through the complete QC process, so that every balcony can be delivered ‘Right’, in line with our brand promise of balconies delivered Rigid.Ready.Right.

The video below shows how the quality process is controlled through each step. This means that when a balcony is delivered, the majority of snags have been rectified. The balcony is thoroughly quality checked unlike the traditional norm of onsite manufacture and install. Therefore, client handover is seamless with a prefinished quality balcony.

Sapphire Balconies Passport app is a unique Sapphire App created bespoke for balconies and the name and logo are IP owned by Sapphire Balconies Ltd. and protected by the use of registered trademarks.

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