COACH: Benefits of reports

Designing and visualising a series of balconies is easy with our dedicated design tool COACH. However, the ease of design isn’t the only benefit – it’s one of many. COACH is an intelligent design tool that provides a collection of reports informing you about your balcony design for free. Some of the benefits of reports are that you can simply design your balcony and gain instant access to IFC & 2D models, project specifications, anchor detail documents and a tailored carbon saving report letting you know exactly how much carbon your project has saved or could save with smart adjustments.

Project specification documents

The first document available after designing your balcony is the technical specification, or Project Specification Document, which provides you with the material and measurement details of your balcony Cassette®, complete with anchor arm specification. The document also features details of the load your balcony design will be able to handle, and the calculation of moment forces applied to your balcony design. Using the information easily laid out in this document, it’s easy to see how compliant your balcony will be from a regulatory perspective as well as your balcony’s expected lifespan.

IFC & 2D balcony models

Industry Foundation Class models are detailed three-dimensional models created by our pre-construction team. The IFC format is a lossless file that can be sent to customers without the risk of distortion or inaccuracy in design. By having access to this file at no extra cost, it’s easy to transfer your design between different BIM packages and import your balcony into pre-existing designs.

A 2D design is also available, drawn up by our pre-construction team. The earliest form of construction model available, a 2D design is useful as an early proof of concept before a 3D IFC model can be drawn up and completed.

Having access to both visualisations comes at no extra cost using COACH and helps your project move from an idea to a reality.

Balcony carbon saving report

One of the unique properties of COACH is its ability to request and generate a carbon-saving report by our pre-construction team. A carbon-saving report can be an incredibly useful tool, especially in today’s climate where sustainability is at the forefront of the leading minds in the construction industry.

The benefits of a carbon-saving report are in the thoughtfulness it can provoke. By looking at the carbon emissions your project has saved and the emissions it could save through minor adjustments, it can lead you to make more environmentally conscious decisions on your balcony project. These decisions could be opting for a balcony design that achieves the same square meterage by using more efficient materials. Having the carbon saving report to hand can generate a conversation and open your project up to becoming more environmentally friendly than you had anticipated.

COACH can help you to understand your project even better than anticipated through the reports available at no extra cost. There are benefits to reports, such as having early access to 2D and IFC models, access to the full specification of your balcony project including anchor details, or access to a carbon saving report which could help you to reduce the carbon emissions in your balcony. Each of these reports is incredibly useful in its own way and by using COACH, you can design thoughtfully. Start designing today.

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