COACH: Video Guides

COACH is an incredibly useful tool designed by Sapphire that can help you to build the perfect balcony for your project. Below, we’ve included a small library of video guides to help you understand COACH better.

What is COACH?

COACH is a simple but elegant design tool that allows for balcony design through a fully traceable golden thread. Thanks to this innovative technology, your balcony design journey is a seamless journey from design to delivery.

Watch the video below to get a greater idea of how COACH can benefit you:

Balcony design made simple

COACH is a powerful tool that allows you to specify and design your tool quickly and provides access to useful reports as well as incredibly helpful 2D and IFC models of your balcony project.

Watch the below video to learn all about how COACH makes balcony design simple:

COACH Outputs

COACH can help you to understand your project even better than anticipated through the reports available at no extra cost. There are benefits to reports, such as having early access to 2D and IFC models, access to the full specification of your balcony project including anchor details, or access to a carbon saving report which could help you to reduce the carbon emissions in your balcony. Each of these reports is incredibly useful in its own way and by using COACH, you can design thoughtfully. Start designing today.

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Tailor the balcony to your exact project requirements. Options include drainage, balustrades to soffits and many more

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