Sapphire’s Identité Balustrade brings creation to the forefront

Looking to add a personal touch to your balconies? Look no further – introducing the Identité Balustrade.

Adding your signature design onto the Identité Balustrade couldn’t be easier. Acting as a blank canvas, we’re able to engrave your design directly onto the aluminium sheet, creating patterns, geometry or even unique artistic designs. Say goodbye to cracking, crumbling concrete and hello to the most expressive balconies on the market – Sapphire’s Identité Balustrade.

Making your building different

We’ve all encountered balconies that seamlessly merge into the surrounding backdrop, almost fading from notice. While our ultimate aspiration remains rooted in creating balconies that serve a functional purpose, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this doesn’t mean your building can’t be infused with a captivating design, effortlessly drawing attention and curiosity from passers-by. The Identité Balustrade brings form and function together, allowing your building to stand out with a design of your choice.

Artistic freedom

If you can sketch it, we can etch it. The Identité Balustrade allows you to bring your design to life through the engraving of the aluminium balcony balustrades. The balustrades come in a variety of exciting colours, from a playful pop of yellow to a refined gunmetal, letting your inner artist free to explore a variety of ideas.

Wind resistance without glass

Thanks to the solid aluminium panel, the Identité Balustrade allows for effective wind resistance and improved privacy, especially when compared to a monolithic glass alternative. Wind resistance at higher storeys is incredibly important for structural integrity. Similarly to structural glass, the Identité Balustrade can act as a structural element and a barrier against the wind, able to take the impact of strong winds and guard the resident from the elements.

Further to this, privacy can also be improved with the Identité Balustrade. Thanks to the opaque sheet aluminium balustrade, residents can enjoy extra privacy on their balcony without the need for the designer to compromise on their vision to reduce inward visibility.

Creating identity

Creating a building that’s unique and stands out amongst the crowd means that by using the Identité Balustrade, you can put your mark on an inner-city development. Adding a personal touch to your balconies has never been simpler than with the Identité Balustrade. Bringing together function and form – wind resistance, privacy and artistic freedom – means that the Identité Balustrade could take your next residential project from something that fades into the background to a refined, exciting project with your design front and centre.

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