Leadership Changes and Business Progression

Like many companies, we started as a small family-owned business. With humble beginnings starting in 1992 as a balustrading company and more recently enjoying continued rapid growth following the launch of Glide-On balconies in 2014. At Sapphire Balconies, our commitment to quality and innovation has been the secret to our progress and rich history.

It is time to congratulate our Founder Andrew Parsons for building a solid foundation that has remained consistent and respected. We are now celebrating a significant milestone; a business that started at his home has hit its 30-year mark. We have also become a dominant market leader, well-reputed for our values, innovation, and products.

Andrew Parsons recently celebrated his 60th birthday and announced some aspirations to ensure Sapphire’s continuing success whilst allowing the next-generation opportunity to step up.

Exciting changes within Sapphire Balconies

Somethings Never Change

Whilst being a fast-changing organisation, our adaptability doesn’t change who we are. Even with the recent significant leadership changes within the organisations, some things that will never change within Sapphire Balconies are

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