We’re Recruiting: Marketing Campaign Executive

Looking to progress a Marketing Career? We are excited to announce that we are hiring for a new position as Marketing Campaign Executive in our Marketing team.

The Role 

As the Marketing Campaign Executive, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities relating to connecting good and relevant contacts with the right people in various different countries and job roles.

Through data lead marketing, this role will be achieved by managing the research, implementation, tracking and measurement of marketing campaigns for both the UK and other countries.

In this important role, you will deliver regular communication campaigns in line with campaign success measures and team objectives, staying aligned with the Sales team efforts.

You will take ownership of a varied workload, including feeding themes into the marcoms and ensuring the good content created by our Marketing team is successful delivered to the relevant personas through the intelligent use of data from our CRM, automation software, etc.

Supporting the efforts of others in the Marketing and Sales Teams, you will:

  • Deliver multi-wave campaigns in line with Marketing Communication (Marcom) Plan by successfully segmenting, analysing and building appropriate and GDPR compliant campaigns.
  • Support the success of the Marcoms plan by measuring the success of the various areas of the Marcom and ensuring the most successful audiences are being communicated with
  • Deliver your own, and support the marketing team, in achieving quarterly goals or Adhoc projects, ensuring timely completion on budget and with appropriate line manager and stakeholder input.
  • Identify&/Or create automated workflows and measure their effectiveness in delivering value for us and our clientele.
  • Assist Event Marketing Executive with collating the right target audience and sending out pre-event campaigns. Also supporting with gaining and collating event feedback from attendees.
  • Ensure systematic arranging/collection of NPS feedback, post-project meeting, and client questionnaires. Logging responses and drawing conclusions and key points
  • Create and keep records of what content we have for different topics and use this to successful provide project needs, company interests and requests with matching content.
  • Use data to identify potential areas of content which can be used, edited and created into small videos for, social media or particular sales requirements

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