Sapphire’s Global Expansion: Q&A with Kevin Bonnar

Sapphire Balconies are proud to announce that we have expanded our licensee network to Canada and the US as part of our global expansion plans. We are excited to see our balcony solutions on three continents with over five successful years in New Zealand. Kevin Bonnar, Global Network Manager at Sapphire Balconies, has shared valuable insights during our exclusive Q&A session. He talks about Sapphire’s global expansion goals, building a licensee network, maintaining a brand promise worldwide.

What are the key goals behind Sapphire’s global expansion?

The most significant vital drivers are innovation and product development.

Like many construction companies, Sapphire Balustrades, as it was initially known, started as a small family business. As the company grew and introduced its balcony solutions, it was clear there was a demand in the UK for an alternative to concrete balconies.

Following the Glide-on balcony system launch in the UK, Sapphire began working on global expansion, where my journey with them began.

The key driving force for global expansion has always been innovation. Forward-thinking architects and developers across the globe have shown a fundamental interest in technology. As ‘Global Network Manager’, a part of my role is to align our innovation to our global customers’ regional challenges.

We have been in New Zealand for over five years collaborating with our licensing partner, Belcanto. Their knowledge of the unique challenges developers face in New Zealand has kept that innovation flowing both ways. Being the first venture outside the UK, we did have a few teething problems, but that was to be expected. We have worked closely with Belcanto to develop unique solutions to the challenges affecting construction projects in New Zealand.

Antamex is a well-renowned curtain walling company operating in Canada and the US. Over the last year, we have worked extremely close with a division of the business called Antamex Partner Systems (APS), looking at trends and understanding unique challenges in Canada.

What challenges do you think Sapphire will face during the expansion process?

Our pricing strategy and market acceptance are our two significant challenges.

We will be careful not to price it too high and set our prices per the Canadian market structure.

The concept of glide-on balconies is new to the Canadian market. So, the effect of introducing new metal balconies to the world of concrete balconies may take some time to endure its way to the market.

What are your hopes for the future with Sapphire’s Global expansion?

At Sapphire, we intend to expand worldwide. Beyond US and Australia, we have other continents in our roadmap, but they are farther from our current plans.

How does your global licensed network work?

We want to leverage the local knowledge and facilities. So, we network with the thought leaders in the industry and work alongside them to manufacture, deliver and install Sapphire balconies.