Sapphire Presents ‘The Gardony’

Sapphire are excited to announce the launch of ‘The Gardony’. Beautiful planters and pre-planted vegetation maintained with zero effort thanks to of our fully sustainable, built-in balcony irrigation system.

Greenery for Wellbeing

Green spaces are becoming an increasingly important consideration amongst architects and designers. Research continuously demonstrates that greenery has a direct positive effect on a person’s health and wellbeing. Nowadays, communal areas and green rooftops are frequently included in new builds. Allowing residents to easily enjoy the great British weather – without having to travel to the nearest park.

Yet, balconies are commonly overlooked as an effective space for greenery, oftentimes installed & left bare for residents to adorn. We at Sapphire wanted to better understand the behaviours of residents and any obstacles standing between a plain balcony and a green balcony, undertaking research to find out. Results illustrated that the maintenance and upkeep of plants was the main deterrent for balcony residents.

‘The Gardony’ Concept

With innovation and sustainability forever at our core, Sapphire decided to face this oversight head on. After many collective ideas and thorough testing in our state-of-the-art Innovation Hub, we are proud to present ‘The Gardony’.

The Gardony vision originated from a desire for hassle free, beautiful balconies. Sapphire wanted to eliminate the need for manual watering, encouraging residents to fill their balconies with a wealth of greenery. Decorating with anything from potted plants and flowers to vegetables and privacy shrubs.

The Innovative Irrigation System

This innovative irrigation system eliminates the need for any manual watering. Built into the balcony handrails & glass, it remains virtually unseen. Clear hose pipes are seamlessly fitted in-between sheets of laminated glass, leaving the balustrade glass clear and the hose pipes undetectable. Under the non-combustible aluminium decking, the prancmistifier runs silently by solar energy, working to harvest moisture from the atmosphere. Sensors placed in the soil send a signal to the prancmistifier at the first sign of dehydration, triggering the collected water to be dispersed from the balcony handrail and lightly water the plants.


Further to this, Sapphire has partnered up with providers of bespoke balcony plants and planters. understand that different plants have different needs and that different balconies create different conditions. Using their valuable knowledge, will embellish your balcony the way you want, regardless of how many stories up or how much light your balcony receives. Once confirmed, your greenery is planted offsite and delivered straight to your door, eradicating the need for any messy gardening equipment to be transported through your apartment. The final creation? A hassle free, beautiful balcony, making the most of the space you have and increasing your wellbeing.

Sapphire are excited to announce that this feature will be available as a Cassette ‘add-on’ from the 1st of April 2019.

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