Sapphire’s Remote Locker Device puts safety first

Sapphire has always aimed for innovation within the construction industry. With mass timber, unitized facades and precast walls becoming increasingly popular worldwide, the Remote Locker brings a modern method of construction to the balcony business. The Remote Locker, novel and inventive by nature, has been patented by Sapphire due to its ability to change the market – helping residential construction to be a safer industry to be a part of.

What is it?

No bigger than a toolbox and allowing for the advanced, safe and cost-effective installation of a balcony, the Remote Locker is an incredibly smart. The Remote Locker is fixed onto a prefabricated balcony over preinstalled arms within Sapphire’s balcony Cassette®, the building’s stub-arms already installed. The Remote Locker then allows an installer to fix the arms to the stubs via radio. Finally, the remaining bolts can be safely fixed, and the Remote Locker can be removed, without a harness being needed.

Safer to install

The Remote Locker has significant health and safety benefits as it removes the need to harness a worker to the building for installation, as the fixing of the balcony to the building can be done via a radio controller. Sapphire’s Remote Locker device is battery-operated and charged on-site so once the Remote Locker is operational, the safety benefits are instantly tangible.

Saving money with remote locker

With the Remote Locker design, the balcony arms are installed within the Cassette® inside the factory. This comes with cost benefits at two major junctions. Firstly, time spent is reduced at the arm installation stage, as no stub arms will need to be fit onto the building’s façade at a later point. Secondly, labour costs will be reduced as the arms are already fitted inside the balcony, so less time will be needed to fit a two-piece arm onto the stub bracket.

Cost improvements often marry well with sustainability too – by using an innovative installation technique, the time spent on site can be reduced and so too will the carbon emissions present in longer installations, where workers must travel to and from a site each day.

Transforming the way balconies are installed has always been at the forefront of Sapphire’s ethos. By improving safety during the installation phase, costs could come down, less time will be spent on site and work will become more sustainable as a result.

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