The Gardony Truth

Sorry to mislead you… Here’s The Gardony Truth

If you thought ‘The Gardony’ was too good to be true, then… we’re afraid, you’re right. The Gardony concept was created as an April Fool’s Day joke on this light hearted day of the year. We’re very sorry for misleading you and we promise you can trust us (364 days of the year). There is something which we can tell you about which is a Gardony Truth. See below


Our Promise (Even on April 1st)

Whilst sadly we can’t provide you with self-watering balconies, what we do provide completely makes up for it. At Sapphire, our brand promise is Rigid. Ready. Right. That means that our balconies don’t bounce, in fact, they are proven to deflect less than half of the amount that British Standards allow for. They will be ready, when you need them. Thanks to our offsite manufacturing process, our balconies are built to perfectly match your requirements weeks in advance. They are then stored in our safe storage area until delivery day. Finally, we guarantee that our balconies will be right. That means, when you’re ready for them, your balconies will arrive to the exact required standard, having been quality checked by our team.

CABS 3D Balcony Configurator

In addition to our brand promise, we also provide our easy to use Computer Aided Balcony Specifier (CABS), our 3D configurator that let’s you design the balcony you need for your projects. Choose and personalise your specifications, from connections and cassettes to balustrades and design. Once you’re happy with your finishing touches, you can save your balcony type and we will email you a copy of your balcony proposal. This includes further detail pertaining to your choice of materials, rigidity, structural load and other useful to have information to help you make an informed decision. There’s no catch and the configurator is completely free to use. You can give it a go, here.

If you’re still disappointed that ‘The Gardony’ doesn’t exist, you’ll be pleased to know that does exist! will deliver pre-planted planters directly to your door, supplying carefully selected plants that will thrive in whatever conditions apply to your balcony. You can find out more information about their maintenance service and what they can offer you on their website here.



Again whilst the video seems to show clever tube systems being added inside the interlayer, this was only because ESG (a leading UK glass processor) kindly allowed us to film fictitious interlayers inside their clean room. There are many creative effects you can achieve with Interlayers which you can find more about on the ESG website or their uses in balcony balustrades here.