Looking Back on Baltimore Tower

Baltimore Tower, completed in 2016, remains to date the largest project in Sapphire’s history. We supplied and installed over 10,000 panels for the balustrading and the glass floors for the balconies.

The tower dwarfs the other project we supplied balustrades for on the plot known as building 9, which stands at a considerable 20 storeys.

The monumental building is comprised of 45 storeys containing 366 residential units, a street-front café by the water and triple-height penthouse restaurant.

The tower now represents an unmissable landmark in the London skyline. The balconies form an oblong shape rotating around the central axis creating a unique twisting effect.

The project presented a unique challenge and opportunity for us as the client wanted to avoid the use of scaffolding due to the unusual shape of the building. We found a solution to this issue by developing an innovative Sapphire shroud. The shroud wrapped around each storey allowing all trades to work from within the building without the need for fall arrest.

This covering allowed the balustrades and glass flooring to be installed safely without the need for scaffold, mast climbers or harnesses and climbed with the building as it stretched to a final height of 150m.

The tower has since won the ‘Best Residential High-Rise Architecture’ award from the International Property Awards 2017 and features proudly in our portfolio.