Meeting the Needs of Beaumont Court and Richmond House

Beaumont Court and Richmond House was a challenging project because it was a renovation of a long-derelict building. This meant that the exact strength of the existing floor substrate was unknown, and a solution needed to be found to ensure the rigidity of the balconies.

The building had been out of use for an extended period of time and had become a well known eye sore in Southend on-Sea.

Working alongside the site team and engineers our designers developed a unique anchor that met the needs of the project. The system incorporated both a connection to the slab and to tie wires to ensure the balconies were safely secured to the building.

Due to the size and weight of the balconies the load had to be carefully considered in engineering the post-fixed anchors. The brackets fixed the bottom of the balcony to the slab and incorporated fixings to connect the tie wires of the balcony below back to the building.

The tie wires gave a unique aesthetic to the balconies while also improving their rigidity and reducing deflection. The wires in combination with the unique anchors took the momentum forces in a similar way to traditional bolt-on/Glide-On™ balconies.

The design of the building included feature ‘boxes’ which included inset balconies placed above the rest of the balconies. This meant our balconies needed to be installed carefully around the existing structures.

Our counterbalance made manoeuvring the balconies into position for quick and easy installation a breeze. Installers remained inside the building behind our internal door guard system while the balcony was guided into position and locked into place.

The project is part of a wider regeneration of Southend on-Sea which, according to Pluto Finance partner Justin Faiz “will deliver much-needed residential accommodation in Southend and contribute towards the regeneration of the town centre”.

Beaumont Court and Richmond House is located in the town centre just minutes from the beauty of the Essex coast and the Sapphire balconies will provide residents with stunning views over the Estuary.

Facilities include restaurants and a gym providing residents with luxurious living in an up-and-coming area within easy commuting distance from central London. According to Savills the south east of England is predicted to benefit from an average house price growth of 26.4% making this project a great investment for residents.

Beaumont Court and Richmond House combines the benefits of city working with seaside living and delivers all the high-end amenities residents could need.

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