Introducing the Photovoltaic Ray and Natural Carbon Sink

In the beginning, construction was carbon neutral and remained that way for thousands of years, including the transportation of materials. As time went on, things began to change and through the industrial revolution, the built environment began to change rapidly. The production of metal and concrete skyrocketed and as a result pollution and carbon emissions did too. Today, we’re looking for answers, a breakthrough in construction to meet the challenge of construction’s carbon dilemma. That’s exactly what we’re launching today.

Introducing our new Pr4NC5 powder coating technology, developed by Dr Shi Gatsu Baka – an innovative solution for a greener planet. Just like photosynthesis in plants our new coating technology harnesses the energy from sunlight which can then be used to instantly power your devices.

A Photovoltaic Ray and Natural Carbon Sink works just like a solar panel but it’s applied using a special powder coating process to a wide range of balcony surfaces whilst blending in with the surrounding environment.

Our surface finish treatment is applied to the aluminium balcony through a special process that allows hidden wires to transfer the electricity produced to the charge pack. Perfect for residents working from home or relaxing on their balcony.

Not only does this provide cheap renewable energy, but it also results in a huge reduction in carbon emissions. The uniqueness of this product has resulted in the creation of ISNO 10421, a new standard dedicated to carbon balcony solutions.

Thanks to the scratch resistant and non-combustible nature of the finish, it can also be applied to the balcony guarding and decking, maximising the surface area providing more energy.

The Sapphire Photovoltaic Ray and Natural Carbon Sink, an innovative solution for a greener planet.

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