Super-drones set to replace expensive cranes

Sapphire installs high-rise balconies with new generation super drones

Sapphire continues to drive innovation and product development with the arrival of new generation super drones that will install their Cassette® balconies in high-rise buildings. This long awaited super drones innovation could see the demise of the tower crane for balcony installations.

The time has come for expensive cranes, which are always in short supply, to give way to the new and incredibly effective generations of super drones. With the ability to install in any location the opportunities for the industry are endless. This video offers a short insight to the capabilities of the super drones based on a successful install of 20 balconies at a project called Ape Reel Falls. It’s a first of it’s kind in the industry, but does the opportunity end there? See for yourself and build your own verdict on these innovative drones and how they can change the industry.

Since Sapphire entered the balcony arena they have continually been at the forefront of innovation bringing simplicity but true problem solving. The launch of Sapphire’s Glide-On Cassette balconies was a landmark move for the sector demonstrating how speed can be enabled through innovation. Watch our super drone balcony install video then Click here to find out more.