Sustainable balcony systems

Sustainable balcony systems

We’re a responsible provider of balcony systems as we are committed to safeguarding the environment. As a result, we take active steps to ensure we minimise our impact on the planet whilst creating a safe and secure setting for our clients, as well as delivering sustainable balcony solutions considering both the build foot print and the long-term performance.

Recycle Waste
Our aim is to create a brand that’s respected for high quality products and systems, and we believe preserving the environment works hand-in-hand with this goal. Therefore, we continually recycle our waste materials when appropriate, such as glass and metal. The entire Cassette balcony system can be recycled – the full 100%, making it the most sustainable it could possibly be at the end of it life span.

Designing in environmental considerations from the start.

We have done a lot of research and have invested considerably in our R&D test facilities which gives us a lot of thermal testing capacities. The reason this is important for a sustainable balcony solution is that after a building is built the thermal performance of the balcony anchors is essential in low emissions and good environmental performance.

We recommend the best approach is to reduce the numbers of anchors penetrating a façade by using more rigid anchors and a lightweight aluminium system externally. By doing this you can often design out half the anchors which means half the heat loss during the many years of the buildings occupation.

Other research we have done with the BRE green gauge ratings and how using aluminium balconies is a better around approach can be discussed at our CPD’s and early stage meetings, so get in touch.

If you are interested in knowing how to create a balcony able to work well with sustainable planting we recommend you get in touch with

Source Recyclable Materials
Our well-established family firm is built on complete honesty, which is why you can trust that we only select quality grade materials which have a high recycle content. Aluminium is also the lead material in our Aluma range as it’s light and highly recyclable, and its lightweight material ultimately reduces our use of transport packaging.

FSC Sourced Timber
The Forest Stewards Council (FSC) ensures that consumers only source timber from well managed forests to preserve the environment, benefit society and ensure that the forest is economically viable. For this reason, we source all our timber from FSC sources when possible, and our environmental commitment is certified under ISO14001 even though there is very little timber we use.


We have our own suite of trailers specially designed to allow maximum numbers of balconies to be loaded which considerably reduces the CO2 emissions of the movements and also saves a lot of time.

High Quality Balconies
You can trust that our recyclable glass and metal balcony systems won’t compromise on quality, as we only provide our customers with the highest quality materials and designs. Also, we provide our staff with effective training to ensure they can create balustrades that are fit for purpose and attractive. Our systems don’t feature any visible welds so will offer a smooth and sleek appearance. Also, to ensure you’re happy with a design, we can provide 2D and 3D drawings for approval created by our talented in-house CAD professionals.

Therefore, if you are looking for high quality, environmentally friendly balustrade systems, you should make Sapphire Balconies your port of call. We provide support from conception through to completion, and can offer technical guidance, structural calculations and project management expertise. Contact us today for more information on our products, services and environmental commitments.