The Truth Behind ‘Sapphire In a Box’ April Fool’s Day Video

Did you think Sapphire in a Box was too good to be true?

Were you suspicious of an April 1st robotic install launch?

Well, you were right! Whilst globalisation is a reality, these clever inventions are not… yet!


However, there is plenty of truth; check them out:

1. Sapphire Balconies in Canada have a Sapphire in a Box concept, where you could visit and get the look and feel of our balcony.

Balcony Showroom in a Box

2. Remote Locker devices are used on several sites across the country where facades or tight site perimeters need something innovative. Here are some examples of our projects – Wembley Case Study, Tottenham Hale Works, where we have used our ingenious inventions.

Remote locker in balcony

3. Our COACH balcony configurator software is an innovative tool that automates the balcony design process, saving time and money.

However, remote locking can’t be controlled using our COACH app yet, but the COACH investment is taking us closer to an automated and controlled install.

It won’t surprise you to learn that Knotru Technologies are exactly that…Not True! We also stole the look of a Toronto police robot to create our clever balcony install robot.

Our R&D team is the envy of many in the industry, but there’s no Professor Pixedoost. However, we are always looking for forward-thinking, passionate professionals to join us.

Sapphire – Balconies made Rigid. Ready. Right!