Why do we enjoy good relationships with so many developers?

We strive to deliver fantastic results with each contract we take on, supplying high quality balustrade systems to a range of projects right across the residential, commercial and public sectors. Our project portfolio includes providing balustrades to hospitals, schools, office spaces, department stores and many, many more. But to establish key relationships with nationwide developers needs more than just that.

One of the areas where we strive for maximum success is in the residential sector. Our key focus is on high rise residential apartment projects, and we are a popular choice for building contractors on both new-build and refurbishment sites. It is no mere coincidence that our products and services are in such high demand across the construction industry, let us explain why.


Our experience means that we are able to take assist designers and planners of each project. From the start, we help you establish a visualised concept through product samples and CAD drawings, whilst seeking to fulfil building regulations and standards. With our team of technical designers, support is provided to you at every stage; they are a team dedicated to resolving any issue that you may have at the start of a project, or any that you may encounter along the way, whether with NBS specifications, structural calculations or glass samples and advice. Feel free to take advantage of the free tools we have created like CABS


We offer unrivalled developers choice through our core systems and enhancements, born out of an understanding that each project can be given a unique impression with the balconies and balustrades that we supply. It is an understanding that defines our product range, and it means that unlike fully bespoke solutions, our products are well proven for longevity, corrosion resistance and many of the other factors.


Unequivocal support and unrivalled choice as standard add up to one thing: Productivity. By working alongside the architects and building contractors of any given project, each application can be designed to minimise production and installation time, saving money and achieving the schedule. Entire balcony units can be fabricated off-site, allowing fast track installation with minimum interruption. We seek to delivery projects on time, on budget and in a safe manner. Developers are regularly impressed with the rapid speeds of which balconies can be installed with the Developers of Staines Road (Bugler Developments) being the first to experience their whole project of 22 balconies delivered and installed in just 6 hours.


All our contract managers and team leaders are CSCS trained and have followed CITB courses in health and safety. We are committed to upholding these standards on site, and have developed an Onsite Safety & Quality Assurance scoring system that allows us to constantly assess and review the installation process of our products. It means that we can constantly improve on our already exemplary safety record, and others can depend on us to.

Throughout the UK construction industry, our products are admired for their quality, and our service renowned for its unrivalled customer-centred approach. Feedback from those we deal with is excellent and highly positive.

One of our recent projects was a luxury apartment development at Aqua Vista, Bow Common Lane. Main contractor Higgins Construction PLC commended that our “safe and stylish structural glass balconies [fitted] to a tight timescale”, noting that we are company with “the scale and flexibility to design, manufacture and install a timely and cost-effective package of top quality balustrades”.

Along with our fantastic service, we offer a twelve-year warranty on our standard ranges. It’s our way of making clear the confidence we have in our products, so you can be assured of the best possible results.

Living our values

At heart our values drive what we do an more importantly the way we do it. Values are easy to write down but living them is different. We place so much importance in living our values, especially at times of need like the Covid-19 crisis. See the physical evidence of it here