Steel Balcony Construction Details to Suit Your Project Requirements

Since inception in 1992, we have been moving forward in the direction of creating the strongest and most aesthetic balconies, that have been evolving with time, both in terms of design and strength.To simplify your balcony specification process, we have launched a number of free specification tools, all of which provide an array of options for steel balcony construction details.

1. Balcony Visualiser – Photo Realistic Image Generator

Below is our simple photo realistic configurator capable of giving you accurate and photo like images of your balcony in various colour options, decking choices and privacy designs. You can download a JPEG and also as a PDF with your choices specified. A link to this balcony in BIM/CAD and with a full report is available below.

2. COACH – Our Full 3D Specification for Steel Balcony Construction Details

COACH guides the specifier through a number of choices, many of which are editable, with the progress to full specification visible in a 3D, CGI representation alongside. All elements of the CGI are 3D BIM compatible objects. In as little as 15 minutes, you can specify a bespoke balcony to use in Revet and many other popular software programs.

Specify Your Bespoke Balcony

Tailor the balcony to your exact project requirements. Options include drainage, balustrades to soffits and many more

Specify Now

3. Balcony Standard Construction Details

In addition to the above standard image downloads, you can download the technical balcony construction details here which include DWG, BIM/CAD Compatible Drawings and more!Balcony Standard Details

4. Bespoke Balcony Construction Details

Our presaved balcony specifications come with significant advantages over the standard details. In this type of specification, features include balcony illustrations, decking and balustrade selections, and even the soffits selection.


Features/Design Options



CABS 3.3


Anchor Drawings

Balcony Drawings

Balcony Illustration

Decking, Balustrade
& Soffit Selection

NBS Specification

Structural Load Summary

Rigidity Considerations Report

Child Safety & End-User

Fire & Drainage
Considerations Report

Precedent Images

Similar Case Studies

Balcony Design Pricing

Automatic Structural Calculations

Project Pricing

Design Portal for
Projects & Designs

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