Parkside, Dublin

Client:   Cairn PLC

Contractor:   Cairn PLC

Architect:   C+W O'Brien Architects

Location:   Balgriffin, Dublin

Balconies:   577 balcony lifts

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“Sapphire were always on hand to help with any design questions we had – the whole process was very easy, from design to installation. Very good, very quick, you never have any issues from start to finish.”

Thomas Byrne, Senior Engineer, Cairn Homes


Balgriffin, a suburb of Dublin, is largely known as a historic district, dating back at least 750 years. In recent years, Balgriffin has seen many development projects in an aim to bring new residents to the area, and Parkside 5B is one of those fantastic new developments that Sapphire has had a hand in bringing to life.

Parkside 5B is a transformative collaboration between Sapphire Balconies and Cairn Homes on the ambitious Parkside development in Dublin. This substantial project, valued at €194m, aims to construct 730 apartment units in North Dublin, an initiative set to redefine modern living spaces in the area.

How Sapphire Made It Simple

Sapphire Balconies was instrumental in ensuring a streamlined and simplified balcony installation process for this extensive development. Through innovative solutions and a focus on early engagement, Sapphire has significantly reduced complexities, allowing Cairn Homes to easily navigate the challenges of such a large-scale construction.

Sapphire helped to supply a seamless balcony journey for Cairn Homes, underpinning the success of the Parkside project. Cairn have commented on how Sapphire’s ability to quickly problem-solve has taken a load off their minds and how with previous experiences in balconies, anchor casting has gone from being a complex process for the RC frame casting company to a much simpler process, easier and quicker to get right.

The Parkside development is a testament to modern construction’s potential, featuring a mix of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments designed to cater to a diverse range of residents. With amenities such as playgrounds, green spaces, and proximity to essential services, the project is not just about building homes but creating a community.

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