How do you achieve wind mitigation with balcony guardings – Whitepaper

What’s included in the Wind Mitigation whitepaper?

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, effective wind mitigation on balcony guardings is crucial. This whitepaper addresses the industry’s challenges and priorities, offering clarity and consistency in solving these issues.

Key Topics
  • Defining wind mitigation in balcony design.
  • The impact of regulatory changes banning laminated glass.
  • Case study of a South London high-rise development.
  • The pros and cons of various balustrade designs, including the multiple-angled bar system.
  • Practical steps for applying wind mitigation strategies to your project.

Wind Mitigation Whitepaper Image

This document seeks to collate the available information relating to balconies in such locations and to address the specific relevant requirements. This report has been compiled using the experience of market leaders Sapphire Balconies Ltd, in conjunction with industry experts and authorities.

Is this Whitepaper for me?

It’s for you if:
  • You are an architect, developer, or builder navigating the evolving landscape of balcony design.
  • You need to meet new regulatory standards for wind resistance and mitigation.
  • You are seeking innovative solutions to enhance the comfort and usability of balcony spaces.
  • You are working on high-rise developments, urban residential projects, or refurbishing existing structures.
  • You want to stay informed about the latest advancements in wind mitigation strategies.
  • You are looking for practical, research-backed approaches to improve wind resistance and overall balcony design.
It’s not for you if:
  • You are not involved in the design, development, or construction of buildings with balconies.
  • You do not need to address wind resistance or mitigation in your projects.
  • You are looking for information on unrelated aspects of building design or construction.
  • You have a set choice of how to achieve it and are not interested in exploring research-backed solutions for balcony design.
  • You are working on projects that do not involve high-rise or urban residential buildings with more than 40 balconies.

Download the Wind Mitigation Whitepaper:

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