Not masters of the bespoke

We’re not masters of the bespoke. Plain and simple. That’s not to say your balcony cannot be unique, nor that we don’t provide customised products for every project that we work on – it’s to say bespoke, one-off, or luxury just aren’t words in our vocabulary. We, with the help of our dedicated design team and accredited installers, work with a custom modular model to keep our products rigid, ready, and right, never compromising on quality.

So, with that in mind, why should modular design be considered the way forward? Why aren’t we masters of the bespoke?

Modular balconies vs Bespoke metalwork specialists

Whilst it may be tempting to create a bespoke metalwork design and speak to a metal fabricator to manufacture your balcony, it’s worth considering the drawbacks. Firstly, the design hours spent on a luxury piece of metalwork will be drastically higher as each element of the balcony will need to be considered from scratch. Furthermore, if the design isn’t repeatable, these design hours (and therefore the cost of the project) will increase further. Multiply these costs by the price of the variety of materials used and it’s easy to understand why bespoke design is a luxury.

Conversely, the benefits of custom modular design are huge. By choosing from a variety of select options on offer, we’re able to reduce the total design hours, manufacturing costs and ultimately, the cost of the project. We also aim to keep project designs repeatable, meaning not just uniform design across the external envelope, but an even further reduction in overheads. Finally, through modular design, we can accurately control the quality of every balcony leaving our factories using our Passport system.

Custom balcony options

Just like buying from a car showroom, we offer custom options across our balcony and balcony balustrades. Bespoke design would be like trying to make design choices on the chassis of your car. We’ve already sorted the chassis (the Cassette®), and the engine (the Glide-On™ system) – all you need to do is decide how to customise the balcony to your liking.

Each of our options can be customised to your liking. We offer several types of non-combustible decking through our partner MyDek, as well as balconies and balustrades in any RAL palette colour. Should you want a baby blue vertical bar balustrade, we have the customisation options available for you to request it through COACH – what isn’t needed is the redesign of the bar profiles every time.

Customisation with COACH

Using our innovative design tool COACH, it’s possible to see the options available and gather reports on how your design will affect the costs, carbon neutrality and work hours before even speaking with a member of our dedicated sales team. Options for drainage (controlled edge and rear piped), balustrading (vertical bar, frameless structural glass, or modular perforated panel), and even the size of the balcony are available on demand.

COACH is a tool to provide you with the initial design experience without that being a bespoke, or luxury, consultation. We believe it should be simple to visualise your design and so COACH is that pioneering solution.

If this interests you, click through to to explore the tool at your leisure.

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It’s important to consider whether you can fix the balcony Cassette across your scheme, whether there is a need on your project for a one-off bespoke design when COACH has tens of thousands of options available, or whether limiting your scope for balcony types and sizes has a significant cost benefit for your project.

Our specialism in custom modular design is what sets us apart from the crowd. Not only do our custom balconies make the design process far simpler, but we also promise never to compromise on the quality of your project. The reason we’re not masters of the bespoke is that ‘bespoke’ is a luxury. You shouldn’t have to consider that adding balconies to your project is a luxury because, at Sapphire, we’re innovating to prosper the community, not just a select few.

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