Drained Through or Free Draining Balconies

Drained through balconies are either drained through the gaps between the decking, without any form of water management. Or, are free draining balconies using soffits with perforations. The use of perforated soffits offers balconies a neater aesthetic appearance than not using soffits as it hides the balcony supports and their connections.

Whilst they are mainly decorative, as they do not manage the flow of rainwater, they may be chosen by clients when extracts from kitchens within the apartments exit the façade within the void of the Cassette® balcony.

If desired, hole spacing, size, pitch, and shape can all be used creatively to form patterns, etc. relatively cost effectively as perforated sheets are bespokely laser cut or punched anyway.

From both a balcony fire point of view and a rainwater management aspect we recommend using solid aluminium soffit drip trays drained to the front.

British standards are set to change soon and are expected to steer away from positive drainage and towards managed. Contact us for more information.

Watch this video to understand how rainwater can be managed