What makes Sapphire’s Next Generation Balcony so exciting?

The Next Generation Balcony is here and it’s a huge step forward for the residential construction market. But what makes the Next Generation Balcony so exciting?

We’ve compiled our Top 5 reasons to get excited about the Next Generation Balcony – from the lightweight Cassette® to the design freedom offered, it’s time to put those old concrete finishings to rest and welcome a whole new way to add some ‘jewellery’ to your external envelope.

1.     Lighter

The Next Generation is lighter.

Thanks to innovative thinking and a lightweight framework, we’ve been able to significantly reduce the weight on your building’s structure, further reducing the risk of cold bridging in those bitterly cold winters! Thanks to our team of fantastic engineers, we’ve been able to optimize our balcony Cassette® and using the new Clip-On™ anchor, we’ve been able to reduce moment forces back to the building as low as 4kNm.

2.     Safer

The Next Generation is safer.

Harness work at height can be scary as well as dangerous. Designing for the future means ensuring the safety of not only the end user but the installation team too. Thanks to our innovative Remote Locker Device (RLD), our Next Generation Balconies can be installed remotely, meaning an installation team never needs to step out onto an unguarded balcony edge. Our Next Generation Balcony brings robotics to the forefront and allows for a safer, more secure and swift installation.

3.     More Possibilities

The Next Generation has more possibilities.

We’ve increased not just the number of connection methods available with the Next Generation Balcony but increased the aesthetic freedom for your design and architecture team too. Thanks to our new Clip-On™ connection, the Next Generation Balcony clips into small hooks integrated into the façade just like a seatbelt. Furthermore, we’re proud to introduce the Crescent Corner Cassette®, Identité Balustrade and Crescent Balustrade as options for your balcony balustrade, each available in hundreds of colours for a total of over 7 million aesthetic combinations.

4.     Faster

The Next Generation is faster.

The Next Generation Balcony is able to out-perform concrete in speed nearly ten times over. As we demonstrated during The Balcony Showdown in Concord, Ontario in July of this year, when compared to a traditional concrete balcony alternative, the Next Generation Balcony (assisted by our innovative Remote Locking Device) was able to be lifted and installed ten times in the amount of time it took for a single concrete slab’s balustrading to be fixed in place. Our speed of installation means fewer hours spent on-site, fewer risks taken and fewer mistakes made for an overall better-performing balcony.

5.     Kinder

The Next Generation is kinder.

There’s a lot to be said for being kind. From an act of goodwill to a neighbour to our company mantra – “Innovation to Prosper the Community” – being kinder has always been part of our DNA. The Next Generation Balcony is kinder to people, kinder to construction and kinder to the planet. By being the most sustainable balcony we’ve ever produced – a 19% reduction in CO2 across stages A1-A5 – we can commit to not only our ESG strategy (our Vision 2030 is available online) but also to a sustainable product that works both now and decades down the line.

You were wondering what makes the Next Generation Balcony so exciting and we’ve delivered. Our brand-new suite of improvements makes a Sapphire balcony lighter, safer, faster, have more possibilities than ever before and kinder to all.

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